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Tuesday, 1st                            Skylight Gallery, 3rd Floor
7-9pm                                   Tom Mitchelson, Featured Teller
Donations                               1368 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY

Tuesday, 8th                            Cornelia Street Café
6-8pm                                   Atiba Kwabena, Featured Teller
$6 admission                            29 Cornelia Street, NY,NY

Wednesday, 9th                          Storytelling Center
7pm                                     Estonia Educational Society
$10 Admission                           243 East 34th Street, NY,NY
212.807.1570                        Thelma Ruffin Thomas, Featured Teller


Thursday, 16th                         AFHC Members" Meeting
7-9 pm                                425 West 162nd Street, NY,NY
                                       Bring food and STORIES to share


Friday, 2nd                            Storytelling Workshop
6-9pm                                 425 West 162nd Street
Non-Members,$1oo.                     Thelma R. Thomas, 212.807.1570      Members, $75.                         Dr. Joyce C. Duncan, 212.568.1645

Saturday, 3rd                          Storytelling Workshop
10-4pm                                425 West 162nd Street
                                      Thelma R. Thomas, 212.807.1570
                                      Dr. Joyce C. Duncan, 212.568.1645

Tuesday, 6th                          Skylight Gallery, 3rd Floor
7-9pm                               Thelma Ruffin Thomas, Featured Teller
Donations                            1368 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY

Tuesday, 13th                        Cornelia Street Café
6-8pm                                Amatullah Saleem /Margaret Yuen,                                          Featured Tellers
$6 Admission                         29 Cornelia Street, NY, NY


Tuesday,  3rd                     Skylight Gallery, 3rd floor
7-9pm                             Featured Teller,  Gary Johnston
Donations                         1368 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY

Saturday, 7th                     Juneteenth @Brotherhood and Sister Sol
4-6pm                             512 West 143rd Street , (Amsterdam &                                     Broadway) New York, N.Y.               
Tuesday, 10th                     Cornelia Street Café
6-8pm                             Celestiena Trower, Featured Teller
Donations                         La Lupe , Featured Teller
                                  29 Cornelia Street, NY, NY

Thursday, 12th                           AFHC Members' Meeting
6-9pm                             425 West 162nd Street, NY, NY
                                  Joyce C. Duncan, 212.568.1645
                                  Bring food and stories to share